Primary Colors Rainbow Fleet Sailboat

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The last of the 3rd Series of the Rainbow Fleet Primary Colors sets are now available.

The final sets will be marked on the bottom with a star indicating they are the last of the sets from the 3rd series.

The very first boats were hand caved by Gavin Jones.

The second series was hand-carved by Gavin Jones and Tom Stoddart and had a double inverted W on the bottom.

The third series was Jones/Brown creations with smoother sails.

We HOPE to continue with Gavin’s designs and new people in late 2020


Generations of Nantucket children have learned to sail aboard the island's charming little beetle cat sailboats. Each boat is identified by a joyfully colored sail. The Rainbow Fleet parading across the Nantucket Harbor might just be the most iconic image of the island.

These amazingly beautiful hand-carved boats represent our historic Rainbow Fleet, which began on Island in the 1920s.  Designed by island artist Gavin Jones.

Age: adult

Measures: 2"  x 1.5” x  3”