Rainbow Fleet Sailboat

$ 32.95

Rainbow Fleet Sailboats are no longer being produced.

Order yours now while supplies last!

Generations of Nantucket children have learned to sail aboard the island's charming little beetle cat sailboats, each one identified by a joyfully colored sail. The Rainbow Fleet parading across the Nantucket Harbor might just be the most iconic image of the island. Each of our little Rainbow Sailboats have been hand carved and painted in the 42 colors of the fleet.

Now available in Natural Wood to allow you to paint your own color.

A perfect reminder of a perfect summer. Sold Singly.

If you are on island, visit G.S. Hill Gallery or Pinwheels which might have an odd color from our original series.

We plan to do more traditional colors, but not again until next year.

age: adult

measurements: 3" x 1.5" x 2"