Update from the Toy Boat


To our Family and Friends,

2018 celebrated The Toy Boat's 31st year. All these years you sailed our toy boats, visited the fairy garden, and made crafts with us. You have awaited marbles from the marble machine, dressed as pirates and paraded down the wharf, and supported our local artists. An entire generation of families have shared their lives with us. The Toy Boat would not have been what is was with out all of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It is said, “ to everything there is a season”. It seems 2019 will be a new season for  us. The Toy Boat's Straight Wharf location has closed. The website: thetoyboat.com will continue, and be even better than before. Our handmade and special items are available there.


Although I will dreadfully miss my daily encounters with the children and all my friends, the heartfelt relationships will continue. Please feel free to email me. I look forward to staying in touch.

We wish you a LIFE TIME of joy, and happiness, and peace. Loren and Gavin

thetoyboat.com toyboattoys@gmail.com

P.S. In the tradition of Islanders working together, visit Nantucket Bookworks, and Pin Wheels to see many of the special treasures from The Toy Boat. Also the Fairy garden has been relocated to the woods of the Lighthouse School, 1 Rugged Road.

The magic continues. ♥