North Pole Littles Set

$ 170.00

Santa, Mrs Claus and their troop of helpful elves are keeping busy!  Santa is overseeing that his sleigh is in good repair.  Mrs Claus keeps things moving smoothy, and the elves are busy creating toys and gifts. This set contains Santa, Mrs Claus and four industrious elves. The Littles, just like the rest of us, count on the Claus family to bring a twinkle into everyone’s holiday.

Santa and Mrs Claus  3”tall, the elves 2.5” tall  (tool styles may vary)   for additional North Pole elves: Postmaster, Mike the Logistics manager, Veterinarian, and Proff. Blackstone, visit the section of SINGLE LITTLES. If you would like a sleigh, reindeer, or holiday accessories order them from our ACCESSORY SECTION