Sea Glass at The Toy Boat Posted on 1 Sep 15:46

Finding sea glass means finding treasure!

Sea Glass

Sea glass originates from bottles and glassware, broken into many pieces and tumbled about in the ocean. Some pieces of sea glass may have been swept out to sea, or fallen overboard—or even come from stranded ships and shipwrecks! For many years, these pieces of glass were rolled around the ocean, until their edges were worn off and the shine of the glass became smooth and frosted.

Sea Glass and Beach Glass

There are two different types of this treasured glass: sea glass and beach glass. The difference? Sea glass comes from salt water, and beach glass comes from fresh water. Sea glass, due to the salt, sand, and pH of seawater, has a heavy frosted look. Beach glass, on the other hand, is less frosted. Either way, experts estimate that a piece of glass takes over twenty years to take on the unique characteristics of beach glass and sea glass!

Sea Glass at the Toy Boat

At The Toy Boat, you'll find an amazing collection of sea glass. We theorize that some pieces are from ships that were stuck on the shoals nearby, while others may have travelled for many miles. If you're interested in sea glass, we have small canning jars filled with it! No two jars are ever the same, but the range of sizes and colors in sea glass are sure to delight. Add a jar to your own collection to give it a splash of color, use it in crafts of jewelry making, or just open the jar to explore the amazing colors and patterns.

Our sea glass is available only in limited quantities! Make sure to order yours online or stop by to pick yours up today!