Cricket Cages Posted on 8 May 19:22

A collection of Cricket Boxess/CagesAt The Toy Boat we have curated a collection of lovely old Chinese Cricket boxes.

In most Asian cultures crickets were kept as pets. Throughout history, the cricket has been a symbol of good fortune. The traditions involving crickets date back over 2000 years. During the tang Dynasty (500 BC-618 AD) crickets were kept in little cages so their singing could be enjoyed.

The cages that offered crickets temporary housing, were made from various materials. Ivory, bone, wood, bamboo, wire, metal, and woven materials. Most of these houses were between 2-6 inches. They often featured a tiny door and the more detailed styles had a water bowl inside. Many also had a hook or cord on top so they could be hung as well as set on a table.

Art in their own right, these little cages are now quite hard to find. We continue to seek them out for our collectors. They are not toys. However, they are an amazing collectible for those interested in nature, Asian culture, or those who find them aesthetically appealing.

In modern references, crickets, and their cages can still be noted, Pinocchio, A Cricket in Time Square, The Last Emperor, and Mulan. Are all such examples.

To have a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing in all the world” Charles Dickens

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