Spreading Love, One Heart at a Time Posted on 7 Feb 11:31

Carved Wooden Heart in a Birds NestDid you know that the heart symbol we're all familiar with can be traced back to before the last Ice Age? It turns out, early Cro-Magnons used the symbol in their pictograms. Of course, we can't be sure as to the symbol's meaning, but that's a long time ago!

The heart as we know it didn't become the symbol we use until the Middle Ages, when the heart-shape became an ideograph used to express the idea of love. Developed in the 15th century, the heart gained traction in the 16th century and continued on to the present, shifting from romantic love to a symbol that expresses heartfelt emotion.

At The Toy Boat, we're proud to say that we have an ever-changing "Collection of Hearts." This collection includes heart-shaped bowls, boxes, and stones; heart pouches, heart fairies, and heart lockets. Hearts made locally, and hearts from around the world. Tuck a message into one of our love-note pouches, or share one of our custom heart-shaped boxes, brimming with hearts. Remind someone that they are loved with a beautiful hand-carved stone heart.

Let's work together to spread love!